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xBase redefined for the web

A language for the web and for the xBase experts  in mind.  If you are getting tired of being told to learn a new language and to move all your data to a new format, then you are starting here with the right foot.

xBaseWebsite will allow you to use your expertise in Clipper, Visual Foxpro, Harbour, xHarbour with your current DBF tables, to explore a new approach that will empower your programming skills, in order to have a multiuser, multiplatform, multidevice environment that is simplier that anything you might have experienced in the past.

Did we forget to mention that it is data corruption free and blazingly fast? 


$ 50 usd per month
  • Suited for beginners that require to start delivering portals for the web, but still strong on capabilities.
  • 2 GB Disk

  • 500GB Bandwidth


$ 75 usd per month
  • Same as the standard but 4x the capacity.  Additionally you get your own dedicated cloud.
  • 20 GB Disk

  • 2TB Bandwidth


$ 98 usd per month
  • Specially suited for multihosting xBaseWebsite applications on a dedicated cloud.
  • 60 GB Disk

  • 4TB Bandwidth